July, 2008

*Founded (Iso, Urasoe City, Okinawa)

    - Services for Interpretation, Translation (English, Russian, Chinese, Korean)
    - International Consulting
    ・- Joined the the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB)
    - Worked with Tomoshiro Central Hospital for PET check up and Medical Tourism (PR for foreigners).


*Moved to Aja, Naha City

    - Added languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic).
    - Asked to be a native instructor at a seminar hosted by the OCVB.
    - Translation about "Sefa Utaki", a World Cultural Property, including narration in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.
    - Began issuing certificates of translation.
    - Participated in the Okinawa to Russia PR event on May 21st hosted by the Ryukyu Shimpo.
    - Our CEO is interviewed as a Russian interpreter on the TV program "THE NEWS" by RBC (Ryukyu Broadcasting Corp) on May 7th.
    - Nicolay Valuev, a WBA heavyweight champion, visits Okinawa and RRC is asked to interpret for him with the Governor.
    -Translated an Okinawa sight seeing brochure, the "Okinawa Guide" published by the OCVB, into Russian.


*Established Okinawa-Russian Association

    - Added languages (French and German)
    - Asked to translate "Be.Okinawa", the OCVB Okinawa tourism website, into multiple languages (Russian, French, Portuguese).
    - Asked to provide an Okinawan prefecture exhibit at the Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition(MITT) sponsored by the OCVB.
    - Translated a book of comments from foreigners who have visited the HIMEYURI PEACE MUSEUM.


*Boost Okinawa tourism by focusing on Russian tourists.

    - Asked to be an exclusive translator for a sales call to Moscow and St. Petersburg, sponsored by the OCVB.
    - Produced the FAM tour to Okinawa for Russian tourism companies.


*Boost PR by highlighting the Okinawan people's longevity to Russian masmedia

    - Helped a Russian TV station's coverage of Okinawan longevity.
    - Updated various language versions of "Be. Okinawa", the OCVB Okinawa tourism website.


*Focus on bringing Russians to Okinawa for sightseeing, through Karate.

    - Added a language(Thai)
    - Russian interpreter requested for the International Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar. (Every year since 2012)
    - Asked to translate the website for Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center into English.
    - English translation requested by the Okinawa Prefecture Museum.
    - Thai translation requested for "Be. Okinawa", the OCVB Okinawa tourism website.
    - English translation rquested for the Naha City home page.
    - Russian translation of the Okinawa Tourism Information Dispatch for the Russian SNS, Odnoklassniki, requested by OCVB.


*First nonstop flight to the Russian Far East from Okinawa.

*Organized the 160 year anniversary of the Okinawa and Russia interact and held the event in Moscow.

*Established the Inter Consulting Co.(http://interconsalting.ru/page2626) in Vladivostok, Russia.

    - OCVB asks RRC to translate the Okinawa Tourism Information Dispatch into Russian on Facebook based on the suggestion by RRC.
    - Selected as an Assigned Translation Company by the OCVB.


*Nonstop flight to the Russian Far East from Okinawa (Limited time)

    - Conducted survey on foreigners sightseeing in Okinawa.
    - Conducted an under cover survey on foreigners, in foreign languages (English, Chinese, Korean), at various sightseeing locations.
    - Selected as an Assigned Translation Ccompany by the OCVB.


* MC (interpreter) for the International Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo Seminar.