Process for Requesting Interpretation

There are many kinds of interpretation such as master of ceremonies and consecutive interpretation. Some requests may require a highly skilled interpreter or several interpreters for a single event. If you require a master of ceremonies, we ask that you give us the script in advance. Please feel free to ask any questions about your interpreter request, because there are many options available.

1. Please tell us the languages needed, the date, the specifics of of the event, what the interpreter will need to be capable of doing , and the budget.
2. We'll contact you about the schedule of your interpreter and give you a price quote.
3. Consultation about the quote and your available budget.
4. After all the details are finalized and the request is formally accepted, we will begin coordinating the schedule ASAP.
5. A meeting would be needed in advance because of the content of your request.
6. Interpretation job
7. Feedback (As your satisfaction is our top priority, we want to hear any compliments, criticisms or ways we can improve our services).

Translation Order Process

In our company, our translators are native speakers who speak Japanese fluently. However, on orders for historical documents and technical content, the first draft of the translation will only be done by those with the highest skill in that particular foreign language. After that, native speakers will check, and correct, the first translation. Our goal is to ensure that your translation order is coherent and easily understood. The standard delivery time for an order of 300 Japanese characters is one business day. However, it may be possible to complete some orders the same day. Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning your order.

1. Please tell us the language(s) you need us to translate, the deadline, the budget, and the contents of the order. (A sample of the order is all that's needed)
2. We will contact you with a price quote.
3. Consultation about your quote and available budget.
4. Translation (All translations receive a mandatory native check).
5. Final proof read upon request.
6. If any errors are found within the translation after delivery, we will respond and correct any mistakes immediately.

Multilingual Web Design

Multilingual Print Design

*Translation orders receive a mandatory native check. *"English native speaker" means the translator is American or British. *Certificate of translation issued upon request.